Labor Day Outfit


Happy Labor Day everyone!  Well I didn’t have anything exciting to do today except take the dogs to get groomed and go to lunch.  After all of that I decided to work on a little DIY which I will upload after this post.  While I was thinking about it I realized I forgot to upload the DIY for the gnomes so I will upload that tomorrow.  Sorry for the late posts, I’ve been so busy lately that I keep forgetting everything.  Anyway, here is the outfit I want to share with everyone.

Dress:  Gap {old}
Denim Jaket:  Ralph Lauren {found here}
Clutch:  Marshalls
Boots:  Nine West {old}
This is my little black dress, you know the one that every woman should have in her closet.  It’s very simple and it’s a strapless so I can dress it up or down.  I can make it super elegant and also very casual and tailored.  Since fall time is coming I cannot wait to start wearing more of my boots!  I love boots and layering, but summer you will be missed.  There’s just something about summer that makes me feel alive.  The hot days and nights, driving with all the windows down (I’m not a fan of AC), and all of the light during the day.  Labor Day Weekend is officially the last of Summer time so see you next year!
That’s it for my outfit of the day.  Stay tuned for my DIY coming up next!


xoxo Moniczka

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