Let’s go listen to the night train


The title is from the song Night Train by Jason Aldean.  I love this song, not only because it’s Jason Aldean but because I absolutely love trains.  There’s a train that comes through the town next to mine and I can hear it every once in a while.  If a guy I liked was to ever take me to listen to the night train I think I would fall in love instantly.  I mean that would be an amazing first date if you ask me.  I really would be ok with a bag of pretzels and just sitting down and watching those lights go by.  I’m also not very typical, I’m kind of an odd ball.  I guess whatever guy I end up with has his work cut out for him.

Remember my post from last week (click here) called A little nature walk?  Well the same dress from that is also going to be in today’s post.  I thought I would take the same dress from last week and wear it differently so I can show how different it can look.

Dress:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Sweater:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Boots:  Nine West {old}
Hat:  Lord & Taylor
Oh what a long day it’s been so I’ll make this a short post.  Also, I promised you bloopers/funny/nature pictures so here ya go!

Apparently something was SUPER funny.


xoxo Moniczka