Monday Blues


Oh, Monday.  We meet again.  So since it’s Monday, I figured a little bit of Monday blues in my outfit would be perfect.  It’s been getting colder.  Fall time is definitely right around the corner.  Here in NJ we have fall for maybe about a month and then boom winter time.  Since I live in the mountains of NJ and I’m very close to the Poconos I tend to get lots of snow and lots of cold!  So if you ever come to my neck of the woods bring boots and some sweaters.

Hat:  Lord & Taylor
Shirt:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Sweater:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Leggings:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Boots:  Justin’s {here}
Can I just tell you guys how much I love these leggings????  I wasn’t sure about them at first because well I’m always not sure about clothes until I put them on.  Anyway, I put them on and thought you know what I could definitely rock these.  I loved the sweater the first time I laid eyes on it.  Just something about that print makes me feel like I belong in a cozy log cabin.  Those boots are my other cowgirl boots by the way.  They’re Justin’s.  They are cow roper boots and I fell in love when I saw them.  First of all for some reason I tend to like brown leather more so that’s why I was originally attracted to these babies.  
I  just wanted to share an amazing movie (book by Nicholas Sparks) that I watched last night with my mom.  It’s called Safe Haven.  The ending is absolutely amazing, do not worry I will not spoil it for you.  I think it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while.  Not just because of the actors or anything like that but because of the story.  
Want the book?  Click below
Or the kindle version.
Thanks for reading today everyone!  Happy Monday and turn that frown upside down, one day down four to go to all my M-F 9-5 peeps!

xoxo Moniczka

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