Ok, so for those of you who don’t know what Pho is, it’s a Vietnamese soup that’s heaven to my tastebuds!  It’s broth, noodles, meat (if you want meat, if not you can get a vegetarian), and some herbs.  My friends taught me that you can add soy/oyster sauce, fish paste, and some hot sauce.  In case you’ve never had it…

Yes, I really do use chop sticks when I eat Asian food.  The best part is that I know how to use them WITHOUT crossing them!  Let’s not forget that little tid bit of information.  Now you know why my title is Phoriday.  My coworkers and I actually went out to lunch because this is the most amazing meal ever.  Oh and Pho is pronounced the way you say Photo.
Let’s move on to my outfit of the day shall we?

Top:  BCBG {REALLY old}
Boots:  Cavenders {here}
Cuff:  Lord & Taylor
Big Ring:  Forever 21 {old}
Small Ring:  Vintage {my Grandma’s turqoise and hand crafted silver ring}
Earrings:  H&M {super old}
Now, it came to a surprise to me when my managers said they were taking our department out for dinner.  Especially since it’s a Friday.  I made sure I had someone watching Lilly (she’s like my child I swear) so i could stay out a little.  The good part was that I actually missed traffic because of it.  I wanted to share with all of you all the goodies that we ate.

I also wanted to tell all of you I entered in for the Marshalls #fabfound contest.  If you can go over to my instagram and like the below picture to support me I would be so absolutely happy! @Monisia87


xoxo Moniczka

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