Stuck like a melody in my head (Some things I’m Lovin’ link up)


My oh my it was such a busy day today.  I did a photo shoot with my friends then we just had a good day/night.  I ended up taking them to a pub/restaurant/brewery in my town to have dinner and have some homemade beer.  Then we crossed the street to the ice cream place that was also homemade.  Sometimes you can still taste the little ice cube chips.  Anyway this post is to link up with Miss Katie with some things I’m lovin’.

Photo Shoots-This is from last week, but we have some more pictures from today’s shoot that I am absolutely dying to see on the computer!
Luke Bryan and Lana Del Rey’s CDs-Ok, so I still buy CD’s.  I just jumped on the Lana Del Rey bandwagon, but I’ve been listening to Luke for a little while.  His new album is awesome!  Track number 7 (title of this post comes from it) has been on repeat, I’m in love!
Homemade beer-I like beer I know I don’t look like I would, but I do.  This was actually taken tonight at the pub that we went to.  It’s the one with it’s own brewery.  I must say, it’s pretty good.  I like tasting new beers or tasting homemade and I must say thumbs up to this place!
I know my posts have been extremely short lately, I’ve been so busy lately.  Also, tomorrow I’m going on a motorcycle cruise!  I’m so excited!!!  My friend has one so we are riding from his house to wherever the end of this cruise is with a bunch of bikers.  I’ll try to take as many pictures I can!
Anyway, linking up with Katie.


xoxo Moniczka

4 thoughts on “Stuck like a melody in my head (Some things I’m Lovin’ link up)”

  1. This is a very nice outfit with the peplum top, those jeans, that stylish handbag, and those lovely pumps. Speaking of lovely, beautiful hairstyle and smile. I do still collect CDs myself. None of those CDs, sadly, includes Lana del Rey. Sorry… but I wasn't impressed with the ever-popular "Summertime Sadness" song of hers. And I usually like most popular pop-type songs and give most a chance. I just didn't like "Summertime Sadness" from her.

    Anyhow, you look beautiful- again. 🙂

    1. I bought it for the song Blue Jeans and Video Games hehe. Summertime Sadness plays on the radio so I wanted to hear the rest of her music. I was more excited for the Luke Bryan CD only because it's country and he's just my favorite. After living in the middle of nowhere in Texas I've come to love country music.

  2. You look so pretty in that picture! Photo shoots are the best! 🙂 AND homemade ice cream- yummy! I looove Lana del Rey- good choice!

    thanks for linking up with me!


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