Sushi Date and Sunday Funday


So I know I’ve been very brief in my recent posts.  I have been so super busy.  It’s funny because I blog whenever I can and when I explain to people that it’s almost like having another job (even though it’s fun for me) because of how much time and effort goes into it, sometimes people laugh and say oh, how is a blog a job?  Well to those people, look at all of the successful bloggers who were able to quit their jobs and be a full time blogger.  Also, look at how much goes into blogging.  I think the hardest part about blogging isn’t about the pictures you upload, or how many followers you have, or even what your blog looks like, it’s about actually reaching out to your readers.  Yes, all of the above are important because it shows your readers that you actually care and put effort into your blog, but I feel like it’s harder to capture an audience.

To all of you who actually do like my silly little blog, Thank you.

Just to recap with all of you what has happened in the past few days, can I please tell you how Marshalls is following me on Instagram!!!! I did a little dance at my cubicle when I received the notification on my phone.  On top of that I got an email from a company that saw me on Chictopia and wanted to talk to me about some opportunities with their company with my blog.  I’m pretty excited to see what they have to offer, I mean it’s exciting enough to get an email like that.  I’m sure lots of bloggers get emails like that but I just keep thinking “ME!? Out of all people, me??”  My full time job (I work in the Marketing Department at my job) has gotten very busy as well.  So after work I’m always so tired and once it’s time for blogging I really try my hardest to not sound like a party pooper haha.

As for my weekend, here was my outfit of the day/night yesterday!

First and foremost I want to say sorry for my horribly chipped manicure.  I’ve been meaning to whip out the nail polish remover but I just started scratching it off myself.  I know, I know; BIG FASHION DON’T!
Vest:  Ralph Lauren {gift from Mommy}
Top:  Unkown {bought in Texas}
Necklaces:  Saks & Macys
Cuff:  Macys
Clutch:  Marshalls
Jeans:  Ralph Lauren {Mommy’s closet}
Peep Toe Flats:  Burberry {here}
Before I went out last night, my mom made some homemade muffins/cupcakes.  They were delicious, but she surprised my dad and I and asked us to come outside.  This is what it looked like.
I love my mommy.  She’s so adorable.
Remember how I used to do my little Mini Hill Series every Wednesday?  Yea, I know I have been slacking I haven’t done it for two weeks.  Do you remember this post about people who inspire me?  Well my friend Allison and I from that post decided to have a date night last night.  Ok, here’s the terrible part, we have known each other for 10+ years (I dated her brother for about a month Sophomore year of high school haha) and we NEVER took a picture together.  So last night, we took our first picture together.
Isn’t she so pretty???
Well, in case anyone was wondering if you read about how she has Cystic Fibrosis, she’s doing pretty ok.  She had to take her meds yesterday in between dinner and hanging out with her boyfriend and his group of friends.  I remember having to take the nebulizer after I had my asthma attack and pneumonia.  This girl is a true trooper.  I give her major props.  If anyone reading this is religious or prays, please keep her in your prayers.  
Allie and I decided to go on a girls date to eat sushi!  We ordered the Love Boat for two.
How was everyone’s weekend?  Did you go out, or stay in?  Most of the time I stay in but I decided to shake things up a bit this weekend.


xoxo Moniczka

4 thoughts on “Sushi Date and Sunday Funday”

  1. First of all, I love sushi rolls! I blogged about them once. Your outfit is great! Only knocks are that while I love peep-toe shoes, flat and low heel peep-toes aren't attractive to me in the least. I've also been SO over skulls when they were trendy. Otherwise, this is a great outfit.

    1. I will absolutely love skulls forever, it's the little rebel inside of me 🙂 Although I'm a little bit of everything, I love anything that has to do with punk rock. I love the flat peep-toe because well I'm a very tall girl so I try to stick to flats. Love my heels but us tall girls have a disadvantage sometimes.

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