What brings you to my neck of the woods?


Oh what a weekend this has been!  I think this is the most fun I’ve had in a very long time.  Friday night was spent relaxing after I blogged.  I went over my friends house and let me just tell you how I’m the worst person to watch scary movies.  I’m that jerk who laughs at the scary parts.  I’ve watched way too many horror movies to know exactly what is going to happen.  

Last night was the best night I’ve had in a long time.  I went to this bar in NJ called Colorado Cafe.  It’s up in Watchung so it’s a little bit of a ride from my house, BUT it was absolutely worth it!  The above picture is my lovely selfie before going out.  You know I mean business when I put in my extensions!  As most of you already know there was a short period of time in my life that I lived in Texas.  For some reason I just can’t let go of the country girl I became because of it.  I also whipped out the plaid shirt and my cowgirl boots!  I’m definitely coming here for my birthday come October.  I just wanted to share this video that I just uploaded on YouTube (my first youtube video!!!!).
Line Dancing in NJ! (this link is just in case the video upload didn’t work because it’s my first time)
In the video if you hear me yell “here you go Audrie”, it’s for my friend in Texas who’s never been to NJ.  I thought she would’ve loved this!  This brings me to my outfit that goes perfect with my country theme.  

Vest:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Boots:  Cavenders {straight from Texas}
I also wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Samantha over at Starring Samantha.  She sent me an email complimenting my blog, and it’s people like her who take the time to tell me that they like my blog that keep me going with this.  I mean I’m pretty much writing my diary to the world.  To know that people like to read about my silly life or look at my outfits means a lot.  So thank you Samantha!  Reading that message this morning really made my day.
I decided that I’m going to also upload pictures from my lovely photo shoots of me being weird, or the bloopers as you’d like to call them.  Some pictures are pretty funny, today’s not so much but I hope you enjoy them!


xoxo Moniczka

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