What I wore and some random things.

I’ll be linking up with two fabulous ladies today.  The Pleated Poppy and Because Shanna said so.
Lindsey has a weekly Wednesday series about what she
wore.  Here is what I wore.

Blazer:  Ralph Lauren{here}
White Ruffle
Blouse:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Equestrian inspired
Leggings:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Boots:  Cole Haan {Marshalls}
I feel like I belong at a horse riding competition or an
equestrian setting.  I love all of the
equestrian inspired looks nowadays. 
There’s something about it that is so classic and beautiful.  Plus, what used to be my fear has now become
my dream to learn how to ride a horse.  I
used to be so afraid of it, but now I want to learn how to ride, and not just
to say I did it, horses are such beautiful animals and to ride one would be
amazing.  One day I’ll ride, one day.
Shanna has a Random Wednesday series.  So hmm, what are some random things that
happened recently, let me think.  Well I
mean I’ve blogged about a few random moments during the past few weeks but let’s
think of some more.

Text Message-getting a text message from my coworker this
morning asking if I want to go for a run during lunch today.  It was right before I was out the door but I
said you know what I’ll go grab some running gear, why not?

Business Proposals-well not really business proposals but I
have been approached by some people about my blog/blogging in general and it’s
pretty cool.  I actually feel official
now.  My little slogan on my instagram is
corporate America by day blogger by night. 
It’s nice to know that I have a hobby that is being recognized.  It’s a little accomplishment in my eyes.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy-I can’t get over the fact that
McDonald’s happy meal toys are The Wizard of Oz.  You’ll probably hear me talking about this
for a while, I mean it’s day two of me talking about it.

Adorable video-Ok, so last night my nightly skim through my news feed on
Facebook I discovered this adorable video click here to watch
Oh my goodness, let’s talk about how adorable this is!  I’m not going to spoil it, but you really
need to watch it.  Children are just so
precious and when you can capture something like this on video it melts my

shop here!


xoxo Moniczka

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