What I wore on Random Wednesday

So first and foremost Iā€™d like to say I was featured in the
Fall Series over at Dancing with Ashley
Can I tell you how much I love her blog and how much I love these season
series of fashion???  It shows you what
you can wear a few different ways and it’s from different girls.  I highly recommend going over to her blog because not only is she a sweetheart but she has a beautiful family and she’s a dancer!!!!  Being a ballerina myself (well ex ballerina) that was literally the icing on the cake for me.  It’s really nice being featured even if it is voluntary.  Here’s my feature!
Screen shot from Dancing with Ashley
So today is What I wore Wednesday over at The Pleated Poppy.  Let’s move on to what I wore today.  Of course as you all know I work full time and blog whenever I can in between so most of my Wednesday outfits are work appropriate (at least for my job).  During Daylights Savings we can be more casual but once those clocks turn back we have to dress a little more professional.  Today was a tad bit freezing outside (40 degrees when I got into my car at 7:00 AM!).  So I wore a nice sweater dress with a jacket (I actually don’t have it on in the picture I wanted to show off the dress more) and of course boots.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE boots.  I hate the cold but I love it because I get to wear boots.  I actually switched my boots because I realized I need to break in my lovely lace up ones that made their debut in my buck wild post (click here).  It’s been too hot to break them in and finally today it was freezing and I knew my feet would be screaming by the end of the day.  So I switched into my Justin’s that I bought from Cavenders.

Dress:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Boots:  Cole Haan {lace ups are from Marshalls}
Boots:  Justin’s/Cavenders {here}

I’m doing my first link up with Shanna for Random Wednesday today as well.  Well for my random Wednesday I wanted to share something called the drama llama.  My coworker and I learned this from one of our lab people.  Every time that there’s some type of drama we just put up the drama llama to be able to just laugh and brush it off.  No one likes a negative nancy people!  Plus, life is beautiful and sadly short.  Hopefully everyone likes my outfits and my post!
(Linking up with Lindsey & Shanna and check out my feature by Ashley)


xoxo Moniczka

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