Bless your heart


I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has started off my birthday weekend amazing.  I am so blessed to have all of these amazing people in my life who have reminded me there are good people out there that truly do care and appreciate other people.  As you all know my birthday is tomorrow (I’m turning 26 and no I have no problem speaking about my age at least for now).  My friends at work (because they are no longer allowed to be called coworkers after what they did for me today) decided to surprise me with the best birthday ever.  They knew I was bummed about the disaster it turned into and they really cheered up my spirits. Let me show you a few pictures and then I’ll continue my speech and show you my outfit of the day.

One of my friends figured out how to send a message to my username on our ancient dinosaur program called AS400.  Very rarely do you still see this program  haha.
You can tell that I was genuinely happy.  Thank you Nathaniel for capturing this moment.  I look really happy.  Haven’t had that much emotion in a while. 

BAM!  My friends are awesome.  Not only is this Swarovski Crystal BUT it’s my favorite animal; an elephant.

A lovely necklace from Baublebar.  Thank you emily!  You can’t see it in the picture but it’s pink, my favorite color!

My supervisor knows how obsessed I am with doing my nails.  It comes with some tools to!

My awesome card that I loved reading.  I love reading cards before my present but my friends told me to read this after because it would be a while.

They’re finger puppets!!! 

Thank you Annaly for the lovely Birthday Girl headband!

Oh Audrie, thank you for sending me this all the way from Texas.  The scorpion was a pretty good touch for our inside joke.  Little did you know I used to work in retail so I’m expert at opening up shipments with LOTS OF TAPE!
My department forgot a few birthdays and then the ones that are after mine in October they just bought cakes for all of us.

As you can see I had quite the surprise.  This was seriously the best birthday ever and it’s not even my official birthday yet.  I walked in to my cubicle being all decorated and I mean that tinkerbell balloon how cool right?!  Then when it came to my present it was amazing.  It was almost like a ceremony.  All of the youngsters of my department aka my friends all came to my cubicle and presented me with a present.  They all pitched in to buy me a Swarovski elephant charm and chain.  No one has ever done this for me except for my parents.  These people who I used to call my coworkers (I will now only call them friends) have really shown me how blessed I am.  After I came back from Texas over a year ago and lost all of my friends I really had a tough time believing that there are nice people out there.

The card that I had signed by all of them made me cry because some of the things they wrote were truly touching.  Also they call me sunshine and they kept mentioning that in the card and said that since I’m their sunshine they needed to show how much they appreciate it.

Then I got some more presents.  I got some nail art tools and nail polish from my supervisor and team lead.  Then my team lead aka friend got me a beautiful pink jeweled necklace from Baublebar.

Once I got home I had a package waiting for me from my coworker down in Texas which we always joke and say we are long lost best friends.  She wrapped the present so well that she thought I couldn’t open it.  Unfortunately for her I used to work in retail and had to open up shipment every Tuesday.

I just really can’t believe and am still in awe about all of this.  I really just don’t even know where to begin with how much I appreciate my friends and how blessed I am for having them in my life.  I will start by saying “bless your heart” to each and every single person who was part of today.  All of you truly mean so much to me.

Now that I was super sappy, let’s move on to my outfit of this lovely Friday.

Top:  Marshalls
Boots:  Corral {Cavenders}
Sweater:  INC {Macy’s old}

Thank you for reading this extremely long post.  I really had to dedicate a lot of words to my friends.  This was just absolutely unbelievable.  Thank you to all of you!

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xoxo Moniczka