Blogger Challenge, Blogger Meetup, and my hectic life

Three words for all of you, “Oh my goodness!”  These past few days and the next week are
going to be so hectic.  I have a few
things going on at the moment.  As you
all know I have Lucky FABB this Thursday and Friday.  Saturday I have a Halloween party to go to
which I STILL need to make my costume for. 
All of these last minute things I need to do before Lucky FABB one of
which included taking Lilly to the vet today, she was definitely not a happy
camper.  I have to pack, and buy a bunch
of last minute items before I go.  Oh AND
I finally got my business cards woot woot.  Sorry that my blog has been lacking in the fashion department lately, I have been super busy.  
Ok, so let me discuss a few things since these include some
of you.
Blogger Challenge
A few weeks ago I hosted a challenge where a few bloggers
had to create a “Look for Less” (click here to see how they did) based on a celebrity, model, magazine, or
trend.  Since it was such an awesome turn
out and they were also featured here, I would like to do this challenge again
only this time it will be a little different. 
There will be a prize (no this is not a giveaway).  I will personally reward the lovely lady who
can do the following:
I was shopping at Target the other day and I stumbled upon some good finds.  This challenge I want you to go to Target and find an outfit.  You can either get your inspiration from a magazine, celebrity, model, or just something you come up with on your own. 
Send me the pictures of your look and the look you are inspired by.  You must be 18 and over, if you are not I
will need your parent/guardian to sign a consent form stating that I can
publish your pictures on my blog.  Open to international bloggers as well, I will also pay for shipping costs.
Originality-Get creative with this!
Pricing-I would prefer for the look to be under $100 but if
you can buy it for less than that, that will be awesome!  Please note that this does not include the bag if there is one in your outfit.  I am a strong believer that bags are an investment and if you pay a little more for one it’s ok.
Description-You must say where you got your items (and if
you can link it back to the actual item that’s a major plus) and how much you
bought it for, if it was on clearance write what the original price was.  Also, if you’d like you may write a little
description about yourself (this is not required, and will not be part of the
judging process) and you must add a link to your blog.
Also, if you post this in your blog it would be greatly
appreciated if you added the link to my blog post once it is finished.
Once you have all of the above email me at  I would like all pictures and descriptions by
November 8th.  The post will
go live by latest November 15th but I will send you the link if it
is posted before that time.

Oh, and let’s not forget what the prize will be.  The winner will be able to chose which color.  This Guess clutch is also brand new with tags.

Blogger Meetup

Calling all NJ/NY bloggers out there!  Or if there are some PA bloggers that are
willing to come into the city you’re invited as well.  I am hosting a blogger meet up November 9th
or 16th (time is to be determined) depending on what everyone’s
availability is at Le Pain Quotidien in Soho NYC.  If you will be traveling by train like myself
and are arriving at Penn Station let me know if you’d be interested in meeting
there and getting to our meet up together. 
Email me for more details at  

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xoxo Moniczka

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