DIY Halloween Costume

As all of you know I went to Lucky FABB last week, and I was
extremely busy with getting everything together and attending the
conference.  This left me with no time to
get a costume for a Halloween Party I was going to.  Earlier last week I went to Michael’s to buy
some leaves because I thought of being Poison Ivy.  I had no idea how I was going to make this
happen with only one day available for making this costume.  So I went to Lucky FABB and didn’t dwell on
it.  I thought if anything I’ll just turn
to my “go-to Halloween costume” which is the lovely 1950’s pin up.  I have a lot of experience in this
department!  It’s hands down my favorite
era of all time.  Anyway let’s move on to
how I made my Poison Ivy costume.  Oh and
that’s Poison Ivy the character not the plant.

Of course since I’m pretty handy when it comes to headbands
I thought that I could start with making that and then work my way into the
rest of the costume.  I sewed most of the
leaves on, but the rest (since I was running out of time) I used a hot glue gun

Then I had the perfect idea. 
Since Poison Ivy’s colors are green, gold, and red I thought of a dress
that has been in my closet since 2005.  I
bought it to ring in the New Year for 2006. 
Since then it’s had its fair share of usage so I thought it was time to
spruce it up a bit and recycle it.

The same leaves I used for the headband I used for the bust
area of the dress.  There’s no real way
that I sewed the leaves on, it was the mentality of “whatever works,” however I
did place them all going in one direction. 
Also, if you try to make this costume last minute, you don’t have to sew
on the leaves like I did.  You can most
likely just use the hot glue gun and glue them on.

Once I was finished with everything I chose to wear my ruby
red slippers and voila!  Poison Ivy
costume is done!

Also, here’s my makeup for the night and a lovely instagram selfie!


xoxo Moniczka

6 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Costume”

  1. When I saw this on LOOKBOOK, I loved it! You did a great job with this one. Even Batman villainess Poison Ivy would be so jealous that you look incredibly much more chic and awesome than her. Both the dress and the mary jane pumps are amazing. Awesomeness!

  2. Such a great costume, I love it! I love any DIY costumes to be honest. They are so much cooler then something you can buy at a party store! I follow you on GFC and love everything you post! Thanks!

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