Early Birthday Celebrations


I’m so sorry to keep boring all of you with the fact that my birthday is in two days, but one of my coworkers took me out to dinner today for my birthday since the lucky lady is going to Italy for vacation (on my birthday)!  I wanted to show you my outfit because the perfect thing about it was that all I had to do to make it work appropriate was put on a blazer.  I love the top that I’m wearing because it’s so beautifully detailed.  I love beading.  There’s something about it that just has this elegance and beauty.  Also, I know how much work goes into that beading so I appreciate it that much more.

Blazer:  DKNY {really old}
Top:  Kenar {Marshalls old}
Shoes:  Restricted {Marshalls}
Jewelry:  Macys & Lord and Taylor

Last night mommy and I watched the season premiere of Heartland.  Oh it was so good!  Not to spoil it if you haven’t watched it but thank goodness that Jack is still alive.  Really had me worried with last season’s finale.  I watch all of my shows online since we don’t have TV at home.  All we have is Netflix, which is fine because no one really has time to watch TV.  Also, if you haven’t noticed I’m obsessed with anything country.  In my opinion, Heartland is just as addicting as Hart of Dixie, and Pretty Little Liars.

I still can’t get over the fact that I will be attending Lucky FABB.  This was seriously the best birthday present ever!  When people say everything happens for a reason it really is true.  It took a lot to get to where I am today (in my personal life and work) and even though I’m not a big time blogger (yet), I’m still working on getting there.  Which by the way I still haven’t thought of a new blog name.  Maybe I’ll get some ideas at the conference!

Also, I want to thank my dad for allowing me to borrow his camera for the event.  That is a big big big deal, I am so thankful!

Let’s move on to my early birthday dinner with two of my friends/coworkers.  We went to this amazing Mediterranean restaurant right by our work.  Let me share pictures!


The location of this little area is so out of place.  It’s almost like a mini town next to a really busy road.  I absolutely loved it though!  Oh and also for those of you living in NJ, this is Livingston Town Center.  I highly recommend this area and the below picture shows the restaurant we went to.  Definitely delicious!

Ok, I kind of cheated a little with the desert.  I didn’t eat the whole thing.  All three of us shared it and I had a few bites.  It made me feel a little tired but I’m still blogging!

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xoxo Moniczka

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