It’s an UGG kind of day.

It’s that time of the week again, it’s Wednesday!  It’s time to link up with The Pleated Poppy.  Every Wednesday Lindsey hosts a link up about what you wore on Wednesday.  So for this Wednesday I want to share a very playful outfit that isn’t my usual, but I did feel like a little girl when I wore it.

Denim Jacket:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Tank Top:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Skirt:  INC {Macy’s old}
Boots:  UGG {here}
Just a simple look that I wear during my leisure just for fun.  Plus, it is UGG season!  I don’t care if people don’t like UGG’s they keep my feet warm and they are comfortable.  When you live in the mountains where it’s normal to get at least a foot of snow they are definitely a must-have!  I also like the leopard print skirt.  You can wear this a few different ways, whether it’s to work with a blazer, or with a tank top and some heels to go out, or just like this to be comfortable but yet fashionable.
Let’s move on to some other things going on in the world of Monica today.
I was featured in the shopping section on Rivistadimoda!  How awesome is that!
I’m not sure if all of you read my post yesterday but I’m spending every waking second I can with that little fluff ball.  Today I am thinking on the positive side of things.  Maybe he might have some other health problem, you know?  Maybe it’s not cancer.  I hope it’s not, plus my family and I have really good luck with animals.  My dwarf rabbit (my first pet) wasn’t supposed to live past 6 and he passed away at 13!!!!  Our German Shepherd passed away in his sleep one day at 13 as well.  He didn’t suffer he just went outside and fell asleep.  So that’s why my mom and I have a feeling that our handsome little man is A OK!
Heartland and The Hart of Dixie!  Oh my gosh watching the episodes one by one now instead of on Netflix is keeping me on the edge of my seat!  I won’t spoil anything for those of you who didn’t see the latest episdoes.
I’m getting so excited for Lucky FABB!  I can’t believe it’s next week!  Also, I can’t believe that I forgot to order business cards.  I feel like such a horrible blogger, but I’ve already been on the hunt and boy do I love ETSY for all of the amazing goodies they have!
Oh and here are some fun pictures from the photo shoot of the outfit of the day!

I like to goof off a lot.  It’s so much easier to have a positive attitude and smile than to be angry or upset.  I had to learn this the hard way in my life, but I did it!

pleated poppy
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Also make sure to check back today for the new ModCloth Private Label !

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xoxo Moniczka

2 thoughts on “It’s an UGG kind of day.”

  1. I adore that skirt! and of course those tights (they are the reason I love fall). Although I haven't pulled out the winter boots yet I am envious of you rocking your uggs already!

    1. It's already been hitting the 40's in the early morning and at night time. I wouldn't be envious of the cold weather though! Yes, I love UGGs and they have made their appearance 🙂

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