I’ve been featured again!


Well, it wasn’t really a feature, it was a guest post.  I had the pleasure of working with Kassie over at Makeup Magic.  She has so many awesome tutorials and ideas for makeup so I suggest you go take a look at her blog!  Anyway, if you’d like to see my guest post click here.  You remember my post a few weeks ago called Monday Blues?  That’s where my outfit was taken from.  I wrote about my fall fashion, or my go-to pieces.  I never really spoke too much about my go-to pieces here on my blog so now I’m going to compile a list.

Leggings-Leggings are seriously the greatest fall go-to.  Whether it’s regular black leggings or leggings with a print or pattern.  They are comfortable and cover enough for the colder fall weather.

Boots-Any kind of boots.  Whether they are riding boots, high boots, or Uggs (I like to call them my ugglies hehe) they are my go-to footwear.

Sweaters-This kind of goes with the territory of colder weather, but I love sweaters, any type of sweater.  As long as I’m kept warm I’m happy.

Scarves-I love love love scarves.  Not only are they the perfect accessory but they serve a purpose of keeping you warm.

Now let’s move on to an update on my quest to a healthier living.

I’m now on Day 4 and have lost 2 pounds (I think that’s only because it was water weight).  I am not as tired after meals as usual and I just feel lighter and better.  My body feels happier if that makes sense.  I’ve been working out at home and let me tell you, it’s awesome.  I plug my computer into the tv and watch some Netflix, lately it’s been Hart of Dixie.  I don’t even realize how much time goes by until an episode is over.  Anyway, I also wanted to share that next year my mom and I are going to start our very own home grown vegetable garden.  She already knows how to grow tomatoes because we have a bunch of them.  I found some pictures on Pinterest and had an inspiration to finally start a garden with my mom.  We have a big enough yard for it, might as well use it to our advantage!

Countdown to my birthday 5 days!

What’s your fall go to?
Have you recently started a healthier living?
When’s your birthday?


xoxo Moniczka

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