Lucky FABB Day 1

My oh my, what a crazy few days this has been.  First and foremost I want to say thank you to
Lucky Magazine for giving me the opportunity to be able to come to such a
magnificent event.  Thank you to all of
the sponsors, and speakers.  My last
thank you is to all of my fellow bloggers. 
The industry of blogging can be competitive but the bloggers I met were
so humble and wonderful.  I enjoyed
meeting you all!

Day 1 was so nerve wracking for me.  I was fortunate enough able to stay at a
family friends home in Weehawken, NJ, but this meant traveling into the city by
myself.  Luckily I was able to find Lucky
FABB since it was right by the bus station.

That’s me!  I was so
nervous when this picture was taken, can’t you tell?

Blazer:  Tahari
Dress:  Target
Shoes:  Betsey Johnson
Bag:  Gucci

Once everyone was inside and settled the conference
began.  There were so many guest speakers
including celebrity guests Eva Mendes and Kate Bosworth.  Some things I learned include the following:
It’s cool to be nice

This was repeated by quite a few people at the
conference.  I agree with this
statement.  In the blogging industry it is
crucial to be nice because first of all it is so much easier and
second of all you are putting yourself on the internet.  Do you really want your negativity from three
years ago to be following you?  I choose
to be nice not so I have a good reputation but just because I know how it is
for someone to be mean.  I firmly believe
in “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  This doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in
healthy criticism because well sometimes others know you better than you know
yourself and they will tell you if you look bad in an outfit for example, but
there is a fine line.  One blogger who is
plus size spoke about how she has received some negative comments regarding her
weight but she ignores it because she knows her followers support her
no matter what.
Be Organic

This doesn’t mean organic as in products or food
although that’s a good thing too.  In
your blog, just act natural.  If you are
forcing yourself to write a post your readers will know.  There are days where I really don’t know or
have anything to write about so instead of forcing myself to write some post I
will just skip that day.  I know the content is going to be terrible, so why put my readers through that disappointment too?  In order to
captivate a reader and make them a return reader you need to have strong
content.  This also means not to buy
followers.  Make sure your followers are
true followers who enjoy reading your content. 
Don’t buy followers just so you 
have a higher number to show to potential sponsors or brands. 
Stay true to your voice
This sounds pretty easy right?  It’s really easy to be swept off your feet by
a sponsor or brand and it can influence your blog.  Remember this is YOUR blog, it is unique just
like you.  It is fine to evolve as a blog
but don’t ever forget why you started this to begin with.  Only partner or collaborate with brands that
showcase things you would wear or use. 
Your readers can tell when you are doing something for the money and not
for your actual blog or the benefit of your readers.
Let me show you some pictures before I move on to the next
part of this post; style conversations with Eva Mendes and Kate Bosworth.
Eva Mendes

This woman is even more mesmerizing in person.  She was wearing her own design from NY&CO.  Let’s move on to the lovely conversation she
had with Eva Chen (Editor in Chief, Lucky Magazine).

Eva’s travel must have is a scarf.  She uses them for hair pieces and here is a
little demonstration that she did at the conference.  She borrowed a bloggers scarf for this

Pretty awesome right?

Afterwards Eva Chen did a little Q&A with her.
Heels, nothing to do with height Eva Mendes just thinks a
woman’s leg looks so much better in a heel which I would have to agree.
Straight/Wavy hair?
Natural hair.
Flowy but fitted at the waist.
Lipstick.  Once this
was asked Eva went into a whole discussion on why she doesn’t like lip gloss
(on her), it was quite entertaining.
Natural/Smokey Eye?
Smokey Eye.
Tank top!  I’m not
going to lie this was the funniest answer but she did proceed to say she’s an
iPad girl and she likes the zoom feature on the touch screen.
Kate Bosworth

Oh Kate.  How I love
her elegance and delicacy.  I’ve been her
fan since she starred in the show Young Americans, you know the one that played
on The WB11 (yes I remember when it was actually called the WB) and it was only
for one summer season.  I thought her two
different colored eyes were so unique.
Kate came out wearing her own design for Topshop.  She looked so elegant and she rocked the
relaxed but glam look very well.  She
just recently got married and you could tell it was so surreal for her.  The way she talked about it just made it
sound so magical.  She also talked about
the moment she met Oscar de la Renta and her wedding dress for the first time, that almost brought tears to my eyes!
Kate talked about how the most important thing to success is
failing.  Which is true.  There have been so many mishaps for me to get
to where I am.  It makes you appreciate
your success and how you got there even more. 
Even though there was a reoccurring theme to be nice throughout the
conference Kate Bosworth also said to be happy. 
“It’s so important to be happy.” 
* * *

From Left:  Alexandra from Glory Boon, Katie from Martinis and Mascara, and Christie from The Closet by Christie
It really does pay off to be a positive person.  Whether it is to be nice to others or just to
be happy with your own self.  When I was
at Lucky FABB I finally felt like I belonged somewhere.  This may be because everyone was pleasant or
that we had similar interests, but I finally fit in.  The bloggers I met last week had such variety
and even though we all blog about almost the same thing we each have our own
spin on it which makes us all different from one another.  I am so thankful I was able to go to Lucky


xoxo Moniczka

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  1. ok first of all this post started off like my trip lol , going into NJ to stay at a friends and going into city by myself. def was quite nerve wrecking also. you looked great and your write up is great! cant wait to read the day 2 recap and also it was a pleasure meeting you! hopefully in the near future we can meet up for dinner and drinks or something since we arent really too far away from each other 🙂

  2. What an awesome experience!! I'd love to go one day. I agree…it's so much better and beneficial to be nice and positive.

    Eva Mendes sounds so great!

    1. Next time you should come so I can finally meet you! You're one of my top picks of bloggers. Yes, Eva was amazing, such a character. They chose amazing guest speakers and celebrity guest speakers.

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