Lucky FABB Day 2

My view down to the bus stop.

Conde Nast Building

Day 2 of Lucky FABB was in the Conde Nast building.  We were all taken upstairs where our breakout
sessions were.  My first two breakout
sessions were about how to utilize SEO with Raman Kia, which might I add he is hilarious, and Beauty Scoop which was with Jake Bailey
who is an incredible makeup artist.  He
showed us a few of his tips for creating a flawless face.  Let’s just put it this way, I will be buying
the products he used (yup, I’m sold) and will post a tutorial up here on what I
learned from his session.  Hopefully I
make Jake proud!  I’m not very
makeup/beauty savvy so I learned a lot and took lots of notes!

My first session I met the lovely Ellen of Ask Away.  Such a lovely blogger and I cannot wait to meet up with her again!

Now let’s just stop and talk about lunch.  I was standing to the side waiting to get my
coat for lunch with a fellow blogger, her name is Christie you can find her
here, when all of the sudden a Lucky FABB staff member asks if we would like to
attend the Barbie lunch.  My initial
reaction was ok, yea sure while in my
head I kept saying “OMG OMG OMG OMG!  Contain
yourself woman!”  We were able to meet
some lovely people from Mattel who talked about Barbie.  We all talked about each of our own Barbie
stories, who had the jeep, the van that opened up into a house, which Barbies
we had, if we had any collectors, etc. 
Of course they fed us some absolutely delicious food AND we received two
Barbie products for free, I mean isn’t that every girls dream?

We got these two lovely Barbie toys for free!

We also talked about some more touchy
subjects with Barbie.  All of the
different negative comments that come along with Barbie were brought up.  The speaker told us that we need to remember
all of the triumphs that Barbie has had. 
I know this sounds silly, but keep reading.  She was the first CEO, the first female
astronaut, the first female president, and the list goes on.  She was also created by a woman in a time era
where women didn’t work, they were stay at home moms or housewives, there was
no such thing as a career woman.  Also,
the way that little girls play with Barbie is the great part.  Next time you see a girl with a Barbie just
listen to her playing.  Little girls go places with Barbie.  They come up with these crazy stories and one day they can be in America the next day they are in another country or a different world completely.  Barbie stimulates the imagination.  I grew up on
Barbie’s and to be able to relive that childhood for an hour at lunch was
pretty amazing.  Also they said to watch out in 2014 because it’s going to be a big year for Barbie, I wonder what that means!
After lunch there were two more breakout sessions.  The first one was with the woman behind The
Man Repeller and the second was the founders series run by Warby Parker and
Domino.  Things that I learned were when
it comes to blogging, is every post is trial and error. 
“Trick the readers to listen to your dreams.” The Man

I just thought I looked funny.
When I was sitting in on the Founder’s Series and listening
to the stories of the people who stood before me I couldn’t help but think,
hey, that’s me right now.  The only
difference is I’m a blogger not a brand or company.  I’m sitting here with a lot of passion and
working my patootie off both on my blog and at work all because I want to be
able to contribute to this amazing industry of bloggers.  We all bring something new to the table and
it’s such a great community to be in.
When all of this came to a close it was time to go back to
my real life, oh and not to mention Lucky gave us an amazing gift bag.

I had to lug all of this around Times Square, on the bus, and to the apartment haha.

The Kixies I actually got from the vendor.  Super cute!

I will say one more thing, going to Lucky FABB really made
me feel like I was part of something.  I
felt like for once, I belonged somewhere. 
It was an amazing feeling and I felt almost rejuvenated.  Until next time Lucky FABB!


xoxo Moniczka

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  1. I am beyond jealous of your trip to lucky fabb. I really hope one day I am invited to go. It looks like you had such an amazing time and got so many lovely items. Being able to meet such influential people that have so much to share I am sure is a life changing experience.

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