Noonday Collection

I wanted to take the time and introduce a brand that I was
fortunate enough to receive a pair of earrings from.  These earrings were part of the Lucky FABB
gift bag.  They are made by a company
called Noonday Collection.  I wanted to share
the quote that was written on the card in my box.

“These earrings were made {with love} for you in
Ethiopia.  Mixed metal and bullets from
former wars are melted down, molded into beads, and hand strung by HIV+
women.  They are proud to say their disease
does not define them.”

I like anything that is done for a good cause.  The idea behind Noonday is brilliant and
humbling.  Knowing that a woman who is
HIV+ made my earrings to show that she is stronger than she thinks is amazing.  Now this isn’t for all of their products.  They have different artisans, stories, and products.  It just so happens that mine was from Ethiopia.  Click here to read more about each different artisan and how they create their jewelry.

These earrings are so unique and when you actually take the
time to look at them you can see the artwork behind them.
“When you satisfy the needs of the oppressed, your night will
become like the noonday.”  Isaiah 58:10

*This post was not sponsored by Noonday Collection.  I was not compensated for my review nor was my review influenced by anyone, I wrote
this review on my own however I did receive the earrings for free.  To read more about my privacy disclosure
click here.


xoxo Moniczka