Outfit of the day and a healthier living.


I want to confess something.  I own a lot of animal print, especially leopard print.  I don’t know what it is about this print that I love.  Maybe it’s because you feel fierce, sexy, and it adds a little spunk to any outfit.  Leopard print makes me feel more confident.  I have at least one article of clothing/accessory that is leopard print.  I have scarves, shoes, earrings, tops, skirts, jackets, bags, and clutches.  You name it, I have it, in leopard print.  

My photographers and I have some jokes during these photo shoots.  This is one of them.  “For the sake of blogging!”  Pretty much whenever something is too difficult whether it be the hike up the mountain from yesterday’s and this weekend’s posts or the way I have to stand is too uncomfortable, or I just simply don’t feel comfortable with how many people are watching we all say “For the sake of blogging!”

Jacket:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Top:  Lord & Taylor
Boots:  Cole Haan {Marshalls}
I feel like this was a fairly simple outfit, but add the right pops of color or patterns and accessories and you’re set!  
Ok, so time for some serious talk.  I found out last night that my blood sugar levels were way over the maximum of what they are supposed to be.  Back in high school I was checked for all of this because diabetes runs in my family and we found out that my results weren’t good, but weren’t bad.  My mom has been pretty bummed out since she found out her test results from earlier this week about her blood sugar and cholesterol were bad.  So I told her that I’d go on a strict diet to a healthier living with her so she didn’t feel tempted if she saw me eat something that is not so great for people with blood sugar problems.  She had to prick her finger last night so I said I’ll be a trooper and do it too.  That’s when I saw what my levels were.  Now I have no choice but to cut down on the carbs and sugars.
I told one of my coworkers about this because I was pretty upset about it as well.  She told me not to think of it as a diet.  She spoke some words of wisdom.  “Don’t call it a diet because diets end.  Call it a healthy living because it makes you stay more motivated and on track to eat healthy and make healthy choices.”  I would have to agree with her.  I’ve tried so many diets and they’ve all ended.  I will say that as soon as I said I was going to start watching my intake to a healthier living it sounded a lot better.
I actually do like healthy foods.  I like fruits (but will have to be careful because of the sugars), vegetables (except mushrooms, ew), and I like seafood (sashimi and oysters yum).  Now I know all of these can also be very unhealthy depending on how you prepare them.  With that being said I want to give you a simple recipe for a salad my mom makes where you don’t have to use dressing.  I know, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but I’m usually picky and if I can eat it without dressing, you can too!  I would take a picture but I don’t have the salad in front of me at the moment.
My mom buys the salad/lettuce part of it from Sam’s Club.  They have these organic spinach leaves along with organic lettuce that is extremely tasty!  Of course my mom washes the lettuce and let’s it dry on a plate.  She washes everything we eat.  Meat, fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc.  As for the rest of the salad, we add whatever fruits we want (you don’t have to add all of them) but our ideal fruit choices are raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, oranges, and kiwis.  Sprinkle a little bit of feta cheese on top and voila, you have a salad that is delicious, and no dressing involved.  The juices from the fruits mixed with the cheese gives it it’s own dressing.  I absolutely love this salad and can eat a huge bowl of it every time but I try to pace myself so I don’t blow up into a balloon.    
With all of that healthy living talk, today Starts Day 1 of Healthy Living!
A few weeks ago I said I would upload some funny pictures or some miscellaneous pictures from my lovely photo shoots, so here they are!
My favorite part of the graffiti is the word outlaw and Sponge Bob.

I was laughing at another joke that we have while photo shooting.  You can tell that I was laughing really hard but trying not to move.


xoxo Moniczka

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