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Today was a “I feel like dressing up” kind of a day.  Sometimes I get in these moods where I dress up a little extra professional for work.  Also I want to show women that even if you work in an office like me you can still dress cute.  For example take the leopard print skirt I’m about to show you.  You can easily make this inappropriate for the office because well it’s animal print, but if you put on a blazer a cute pair of flats/heels whichever you prefer and it’s already slightly more professional.  In my opinion the two things a girl should always have with her are a pair of flats and a blazer.  Flats for obvious reasons, when your feet start to hurt and a blazer for when you have an unexpected dinner or meeting that you want to look extra tailored for.

My outfit today is so easy to wear and I love anything high waisted.  I’m bottom heavy so anything high waisted makes me feel smaller and well look smaller too.

Red Blouse:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Leopard Print Skirt:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Flats:  Sam Edelman {Saks}
Necklace:  TJ Maxx
Cross Body Bag:  Gucci

See, I told you leopard print could be professional as well as a little sassy!

Well, can I please just rant for a hot second?  I’m not going to lie I work better under pressure BUT I don’t know if it’s maybe because it’s not school related (for some reason I was an awesome procrastinator when I was in school) anyway, back to my point.  Lately I’ve been kind of falling through the cracks.  I mean finding out about my little fluff ball to Lucky FABB being next week to a Breast Cancer walk on Sunday and all of these big events going on are making life hectic!  However, I am still keeping my sanity somehow.  I think my sanity is questionable though when I sing in my car, in rush hour traffic.  I think the people in the cars around me get a kick out of it though.  Cheers to us weird folks!

By the way don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a lovely co-hosting I’m doing.  It’s my first time and I am so super duper excited!!!!!!

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xoxo Moniczka

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