So close!


Lucky FABB is so close!  I’m getting more and more excited everyday.  Today I am starting to pack, yea I know I’m a procrastinator!  The hardest part about this whole thing is picking out what to wear.  Anyone else having this problem?

I’m a little crazy and have been making lists for each day
prior to the conference and a list for what to bring.  Since I have family friends that live in
Weehawken NJ I will be staying there and commuting into the city.  That means I have go straight there after
work tomorrow since I live 45 minutes (without traffic) the completely opposite
way.  So I pretty much have to have
everything ready and packed today.

Remember my food journal I bought a few weeks ago?  Yea, it has turned into my blogging journal
over the past few days.  Since I was
writing everything down in there I kind of split it up into sections and it’s become
my everything journal.  By he way that list only grew as the day went on.

I also wanted to say I will try my hardest to post about the conference before the weekend, however it’s probably easier to follow me on instagram @monisia87 or you can just click below.

Don’t forget I’m not sure if you read yesterday’s post but
(click here)
I have a challenge and meet up that I’m scheduling.  The details about both are listed in that
post, and there is a prize for the challenge so go check it out if you haven’t
Is anyone else going to be at Lucky FABB?  Are you excited?  Did you figure out what you’re wearing?


xoxo Moniczka