Some Things I’m Lovin’


There are so many things I’m loving this week so I’ll try to keep it to a minimum!

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Pinterest:  I am absolutely, positively in love and obsessed with Pinterest.  I wasn’t really into Pinterest in the past, but then when I saw most bloggers had Pinterest, I thought I’d give it a second chance.  Let’s just say I’ve spent countless hours already this week on Pinterest.  There are a lot of useful DIY’s or just pretty pictures in general.  I realized that my Pinterest is not mostly about fashion.  I have some fashion boards on there but for some reason I’m being drawn to anything about Mason Jars, home decor, DIY, and nature.  So, if you’d like to follow my newly found obsession click the button below!
Healthy Living:  I found out this week that my blood sugar levels have sky rocketed.  Diabetes runs in my family and my mom has been put on medication in the past years to help with her blood sugar levels.  My mom and I sat down and had a serious conversation because she too found out this week that her blood sugar levels are so high that she is lucky she didn’t end up in the hospital.  We came to the conclusion that we are going to start a healthy living (read here to see why I’m not calling it a diet).  This means, no carbs and no sugars, or at least cut back a little.  I also starting working out again.  I tried running and now that it’s getting dark out quicker by the time I get home it’s pitch black.  My street only has one street light so it’s either run during my lunch hour or I can use the work out equipment we have at home aka the bicycle!  Well my mom and I are on Day 3 and we are feeling great!  This brings me to the next thing I’m loving.


Food Journal and The Wizard of Oz:  I decided that in order to monitor what I’m eating I’m going to try to keep a food journal.  So I drove on over to Barnes & Noble yesterday after work and bought my lovely Wizard of Oz food journal.  Well I got distracted and bought a bag for my Grandma (she’s in Poland and she loves canvas bags for grocery shopping and walking around the city, it’s just easier for her), and I bought myself a new mug.  Speaking of The Wizard of Oz I finally collected all of my Wizard of Oz toys from McDonald’s.  If you didn’t see this in my previous post here is the final collection. 
Corral Boots:  I got my birthday boots this week!  Since I have a little Texan in me I love anything that has to do with the country side or the south as most of you following me probably already know.  I bought myself a pair of  red cowgirl boots that I have been talking about and posting pictures of all week so I won’t post a picture but I’m in love with them!
Blog Editing:  Well, I made a new page on my blog here.  Actually, the person I’m linking up with today is on that page.  Just a list of good reads, so if you’re looking to find some more blogs go check it out!
Inspirational Message:  I’m always looking for something inspirational but I wanted to end this post with a picture I saw on someone’s Facebook yesterday.  
I was bullied when I was younger.  For any one who is being bullied or was in the past I know how you feel.  I will say one thing, everything happens for a reason and things really do get better.  What I went through helped me become the strong person I am today.  I will never understand the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”  All I have to say is if you’re being bullied stay strong and don’t care about what people say, they are so insecure in their own skin that they have to make themselves feel better by putting others down.  Chin up buttercup!
Well that is all for my link up with Katie over at Katie Did What.  


xoxo Moniczka

4 thoughts on “Some Things I’m Lovin’”

  1. Food journaling is such a good idea! It really helps knowing exactly what you're putting in your body and keeping yourself accountable! It also helps that it's cute 🙂 And girrrrl I have been obsessed with Pinterest for quite some time now! It's too good. Love your new page! Thanks for including me 🙂


  2. I'm super obsessed with PInterest! and that Wizard of Oz set is adorable.
    thanks for sharing that message. I was also bullied when I was younger and the thought of "bullying" just breaks my heart even more now that my son recently started school. Not that he has had any trouble but just being so small makes me worry about him all the time.
    stopping by from Katie's link-up

    1. I know, I cannot get enough of Pinterest! It's so horrible I think I'm addicted to it haha. I will be worried once I finally settle down and have a family because that's what I would worry about for my kids. Also, kids have gotten so cruel and I think it's because it's so much easier to bully behind a computer screen. I'm sure your son will be ok! Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

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