The One and an outfit.

So lately I’ve been thinking of changing my blog name.  I know it’s better to change it now before
more people start following me (if that happens) because well that’s just a hassle.  I feel like Moda by Monika defines this blog
as strictly fashion, or my personal style. 
I don’t want to just write about fashion because well I will definitely
get extremely bored after a while.  Of
course this blog will be predominantly fashion because well it’s something I am
passionate about and it’s the closest thing to working in the fashion industry, but I also love other things like DIY projects, or just life
in general.  I’ve thought of a few names
but it’s not “the one” type of deal.  You
know how they always say, you’ll just know? 
Yea, one of those things is going through my head, except it’s not for my future husband, it’s for a blog name.  The names are good names but I’m not sure if
they are “the name” that will define my diary of fashion, projects, and life to
the world.  I also want to make sure it’s the title I want because well, I have a lot of things to change to have that new title.  I also would like to keep my cowgirl boots header so it can’t be anything super duper ridiculous.  I’m also giving myself a rule of 3 words.  3 words for a blog title.  How is it so hard to come up with 3 words?
With all of that being said, let’s check out my perfect outfit for this cold day.  It’s starting to cool down again and I am definitely not prepared for it!  Mother Nature, can I keep the warm weather please?

Sweater:  Burberry {here}
Boots:  Cole Haan {Marshalls}
Bag:  Gucci {here}
Now that all of you know my new obsession with Pinterest I just wanted to say with all of the DIY’s on there it is inspiring me to get my creativity going.  I used to make a lot of DIY’s and then when I stopped blogging, that kind of stopped as well.  Even though I’ve only had two DIY posts here about bottle ideas and Mommy’s Gnomies I want to start making more.  With the holiday’s coming up I will definitely be making decorations.  So stay tuned for those!
Here’s a little fun picture from this lovely photo shoot.  I don’t remember what we were talking about but I said it’s ok, you can always do the “Miley.”

And, then this was the laughter that came after the “Miley.”

Just wanted to mention that Cosmopolitan and Maybelline are donating to the troops!  Click here to send kisses to the troops.
I am also walking in a Breast Cancer Walk on October 20th.  The team I am on wants to raise at least $5,000.  Every dollar counts so if you can make a donation please CLICK HERE to donate.
Have you ever had to rename your blog?  Was it hard?
Are you addicted to Pinterest like me?
Have you donated to the Troops or Breast Cancer Research?


xoxo Moniczka

6 thoughts on “The One and an outfit.”

  1. I think this outfit is very charming as temperatures begin to drop. How do you beat the cold? Look hot! 🙂 This is a lovely sweater along with those sweet boots I've seen from some of your other posts.

    Feel free to name this blog anything you wish. It's your blog with your content with your own insight. Perhaps a name consistent with the posts and topics will suffice for this blog. Best wishes to you moving forward.

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