These boots are made for walking.

“These boots are made for walking.
And that’s just what they’ll do.
One of these days these boots
Are gonna walk all over you.”
Nancy Sinatra

So in case you don’t follow me on Instagram I have to announce that my birthday boots have arrived!  I have been wanting a red pair of cowgirl boots for the longest time as my special occasion boots.  Well, my lovely Corral boots that I bought from Cavenders finally arrived yesterday!  Remember when I talked about the country bar I went to?  Click here to refresh your memory.  Well, I decided that’s where I will have my 26th birthday.  This is why I bought red cowgirl boots.

The next best part about buying boots is breaking them in.  So even though these are my birthday boots I am using this excuse of “breaking them in” to wear them to work.  Even though I work at an office my boss loves the fact that I wear my boots proudly so he allows it.  How awesome is that!?  Here is my outfit of the day with my new boots!

This picture I said “THE BOOTS.”

Jacket:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Blouse:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Turqoise Jewelry:  Handmade by my mom
Big Bead Necklace:  Macy’s {on sale}
Boots:  Corral {here}

I also wanted to share that I have finally completed my Wizard of Oz McDonald’s Happy Meal toy set.  Actually one of my coworkers helped me finish it.  He came to my cubicle this morning and was rubbing it in my face that I still haven’t gotten the scarecrow.  Then he says happy early birthday and hands over the scarecrow!  Yea, I kind of jumped with joy at my cubicle, I think the whole second floor heard me yell out of excitement.

Another exciting thing is I made my very own Facebook page for my blog!  Go like it!  Well, only if you want to.  If you do, Thank you!

I’m fairly new to Pinterest but last night I pinned and made a board specifically for Mason jars.  I have become obsessed with Mason jars after I saw all of the DIY crafts or just how pretty they look.  I noticed the Mason jar trend a little while ago but didn’t actually get into it until I started seeing more and more pictures, then I signed up for Pinterest and voila, instant obsession.  I know it’s just a jar but it’s perfect to add a few flowers, or fill it with water with a floating candle.  Plus I started looking at all the wedding ideas with Mason jars and let me tell you that I will be using those ideas whenever I get married!  I just have to find prince charming first!  I also decided that I’m going to order some Mason jars and do some DIY crafts since the holidays are coming.  I want to give Ashley (click that link) a big Thank you because I also got some inspiration when I stumbled upon her blog post about Mason jars.

Since I keep on talking about exciting news.  Can I please share that Chictopia started following me on Twitter??!!  I mean, that’s amazing!  It made my day.  It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

So do any of you have anything fun or exciting going on in your life?

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xoxo Moniczka

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