Weird NJ: Paulinskill Viaducts


If you read my blog, over the weekend you know that I did some exploring.  Click here to read more about the viaducts and the hiking that my friends and I did.  My weekend was filled with nature and beautiful views.  Well, I wanted to share some pictures with you from this lovely little trip and some information about the area.  Let me show you the outfit, NO I did not wear those shoes the whole way up.  I changed from my converse to my Jeffrey Campbell’s.  Also, when we were done I slid all the way down to the bottom, but I did it gracefully and on purpose!  The hill is extremely steep.

I like to goof off during photo shoots.  It makes it way more fun.  Especially since people kept walking by!

Jacket:  Sam Edelman {Saks}
Top:  Lord & Taylor {it’s on sale now!}
Pants:  Lord & Taylor {old}
Platforms:  Jeffrey Campbells {here}
Necklace:  Macys
Sunglasses:  Cynthia Rowley {Marshalls}
Now, let’s move on to the history behind this beautiful place.  By the way, see where that train is?  That’s where i was standing in the previous pictures.

For those of you who don’t know, I live in New Jersey.  Whenever us natives hear “Weird NJ” we already know what this means.  A fun time of exploring and many ghost stories.  These pictures were taken at the Paulinskill Viaduct.  Click here to read a little more about it.  These viaducts used to be a bridge where the Delaware, Lackawana, & Western Railroads went across.  The train line went out of service in 1979 and in 1985 the tracks were removed.  At the top of the viaducts where the tracks used to be there are man holes where you can climb into and voila, you’re inside the actual bridge.  The walls are filled with graffiti and there are ladders so you can actually walk through the whole bridge.  Cool, right?

Ready for the ghost story?  They say that there was a man that was one of the construction workers for the bridge and he was buried alive in cement.  I haven’t seen it yet but there is a spot that is marked within the viaducts on where he was buried.  It is said that he is supposed to haunt the top of the viaducts.  Spooky, right?  Well it doesn’t sound spooky until you actually experience it.  I have been to almost every weird NJ place possible and each one has it’s own eerie feeling.  Although be careful if you ever check these places out, a lot of locals like to scare people as well.

So I need some help.  I know that a lot of people do the whole YouTube thing that goes with their blog.  Here’s my YouTube Channel if you want to subscribe.  I promise I will upload more than just a line dancing video!  I’m thinking about tutorials which I know there’s a bunch out there but maybe I’ll find something new to show.  I know that I want to definitely upload a video of me introducing myself, kind of like that awkward first day of school.  I’m not tech savvy though so it’ll probably be with my web cam that comes with my laptop.

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