A little recap


Let’s do a little weekend recap since I haven’t written a post in a few days.

Well first of all I want to announce about my Target challenge.  I posted about it a few weeks ago (click here) to read about it.  Long story short I’m challenging bloggers to find a look for less but all from Target.  I went shopping a few weeks ago and found some amazing deals and thought I should do a challenge.  Since I challenged bloggers I decided I’d join in on the fun, only of course I won’t be entered in the contest.  So keep your eyes open for that this week!

I did my nails yesterday, if you follow me on Instagram, TwitterTumblr, or Pinterest you already saw the picture and don’t worry I will be posting a DIY post this week for it.

I went shopping at Marshall’s and definitely bought way too much but that pretty much happens every time I go there.  Santa and Mrs. Claus outfits for the fur babies.  Boots, boots, and more boots.  Some Christmas stuff and my lovely country music coffee mug.  Perfect shoopping spree.

When I was at Lucky FABB I was in a session called Beauty Scoop.  It was all about makeup and boy did I take lots of notes.  Good thing I did because I actually used all of those notes and tested out my camera ready face.  Granted the lighting isn’t the greatest in the pictures but I did see a difference in the photo shoot pictures from today.

Two words; Too Faced.  I am in love with this brand.  I received this mascara kit as a gift at Lucky FABB and I was a little skeptical to use it.  I’ve tried every single plumping magical mascara out there and none have worked.  This mascara kit comes with a tube of nylon fibers that actually stick to your lashes and you use mascara over it.  Is this NOT the most brilliant idea ever?  Well I will swear by this kit.  No, I did not get paid to say that.

I went to the movies for the first time in months and saw Bad Grandpa.  Oh my gosh, so funny if you’re into that kind of humor.  Definitely a must see.  After that I went to a friends where they had a fire pit and we went four wheelin’ in the dark.  It was so much fun!

All in all it was a great weekend.  Stay tuned for some awesome outfit posts from Target!

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xoxo Moniczka