DIY Thanksgiving Nails

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  I wanted to show all of you how to paint a Thanksgiving design on your nails.  First of all the base color for my nails is from the Sephora by OPI collection and the color is called Special Request.  The brown used for the Turkey is called Dating the Drummer.  Of course the rest of the nail art colors are the same as in the past.  It’s called Nail Chic and it’s a kit with a couple of different colors.  So let’s start with the tutorial.
First step is to paint the base color.  Also for the pointer and ring finger try to either paint a half moon or just half of the nail.
Use the black polish pen to make the hair for the Native American.

Since we have to let the black nail polish dry so there is not smudging involved let’s start on the other nail.  This is for the female pilgrim.  The yellow is for her hair and the white is for her hat.

While you let the pilgrim dry move on to the turkey.  This is where I used Sephora by OPI Dating the Drummer.  While you let the turkey dry you can go back to the Native American Girl.  Use pink dots for her cheeks and make her eyes, nose, and smile.  Then start the feather in her hair.
After that you can move back to the female pilgrim and outline everything with the black pen.

Now you can start with the turkey.  Make his feathers, add his eyes, beak, and gizzard.


This is when you start the corn stalk.
Once you’re done outlining everything add the word gobble on the thumb.  Then let it dry and add your top coat.  Voila!  Left hand is done!
Now onto the Right Hand.
The pointer will be the Native American again so just repeat the steps from the previous directions.  Then start the outline for the male pilgrim and paint an orange color for the pumpkin on the middle finger.
Finish off the male pilgrim with all of the outlining and yellow for the hair.
Outline the pumpkin on the middle finger, and fill in the stem with a green color.
Add some yellow colors to the pumpkin.  I haven’t mastered the shading with nail polishes yet.
This is when you start the leaf on the pinky.

Then you just finish it off with the outline.
And you are done with the right hand!  Congratulations you are finished with your Thanksgiving Nails!

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