Happy Halloween!

The day has come.  My
favorite day of the year, besides my birthday and Christmas.  Ok, now I know what you’re probably thinking,
what girl doesn’t love Halloween because it’s the one day she can dress
extremely scandalous and get away with it. 
I’m a little different though.  I
think the most scandalous thing I’ve been was a 50’s pinup and even then I was
completely covered, I’ll show that picture later in the post.
Also, I’m more into the clever costumes or costumes that
aren’t store bought.  I really don’t
enjoy buying a polyester outfit for $70, no thank you.  
A few years ago I bought a dress
from H&M it was polka dots, a white t-shirt, white socks and red
flats.  I took sparkly nail polish and
painted the red flats and guess who I was. 
That’s right, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.  This year I was a few things.  If you didn’t see my Poison Ivy post, clickhere.  It pretty much explains all of the
different things I did to make my costume.

Since I wasn’t at my job last year for Halloween (I started
in December) I wasn’t sure if we could dress up.  Someone had told me that we really aren’t
allowed to dress up but some people do. 
I decided that I would be 50’s inspired, but still business casual
attire.  So, I was a 50’s secretary.  The great part is I can still wear these
clothes at work, not just for Halloween.

Remember earlier how I said I was completely covered in my
50’s outfit?  This is the pinup outfit I
wore in 2012.

And the following pictures are this years version of the infamous polka dot dress.

This wire headband is from my Lucky FABB gift bag from Mod Cloth.  It is so awesome!

Now I’d like to introduce Lilly the elephant and Kuba the lady bug!

Still in the Halloween mood? 
I’ve picked out some Halloween classics (I mean the originals) just for


xoxo Moniczka

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2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Great seeing those lovely mary jane pumps get some more mileage out of them. And as far as being anything vintage and scandalous, you could have been a brunette/redhead Marilyn Monroe remaking that classic scene from "The Seven Year Itch."

    Anyhow, you look lovely as a 1950s secretary, as Poison Ivy, or as the super-awesome blogger that you are. Your puppies also get some love me for their cool outfits.


    1. Thanks so much! I've done the Seven Year Itch outfit before when I had my blonde hair. It was an awesome costume. I love her in Some Like it Hot, by far my favorite movie by her so I would love to find an outfit in that movie, there's just so many!

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