Kisses for the Troops


If you read my post about a month ago (click here) I talked about an event I wanted to go to for Veteran’s Day.  Maybelline and Cosmopolitan teamed up to help support the troops.  They had donations through their website and also if you picked up the November issue of Cosmopolitan you could mail out one of the post cards in there.

So how did Maybelline and Cosmopolitan team up?  Well they had makeup artists put lipstick on us ladies and we kissed a post card.  Those post cards we kissed will be mailed to the troops on Valentine’s Day.  Now the greatest part is every kiss they get whether it be online or in the tent they had they had today $1 gets donated to the troops.  Here are pictures from this awesome event I went to today.

The makeup artist took this picture for me.  I asked her if she could get a picture of me kissing the post card.  She picked an awesome dark red lip too.  I am definitely buying that lipstick!

Happy Veteran’s Day and Thank you for serving to all men and women in our military, past, present, and future!

And, here are some shots of the concrete jungle aka NYC.

For those of you who don’t know this is where they drop the New Years Eve ball.


xoxo Moniczka

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