Klustershop and my Outfit of the Day


For this blog post I would like to introduce a lovely
jewelry company called Klustershop.  They
like to call their jewelry happy jewelry and I agree because there are so many
bright colors, the service is outstanding and quick.  I wasn’t expecting to receive my necklace as
quick as I did.

This necklace is so beautiful on its own that it can be
styled by itself or with other jewelry.  I
personally love to layer necklaces if I’m wearing a simple outfit, for example
the one I have on today.  It’s mostly
black and this pop of color just brings out the outfit, it shows the blazer and
boots more.  If I were to be wearing a
busier outfit I would wear the Klustershop necklace by itself.

The necklace itself is good quality.  The beads themselves are not plastic, they
are actual stones which I love.  The
clasp is also very sturdy, and it has a chain attached so you can adjust the
length of this necklace.
Overall I am very satisfied with Klustershop.  They are 100% from start to finish.  They also treat you like they know you and
not just like a customer.  I recommend Klustershop
to anyone looking for brightly colored jewelry and great service!

Blazer:  Kenary {Marshalls}
Boots:  Cole Haan {Marshalls}
Jewlery:  Klustershop & Handmade & Vintage

I’m called the bag lady at work.  So I’ve finally showcased why.  My lunch bag, my bag with files, and my purse is hiding behind there somewhere.
post was not sponsored by Klustershop.  I was not compensated for
my review nor was my review influenced by anyone, I wrote this review on my own
however I did receive the necklace for free.  To read more about my
privacy disclosure click here.

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xoxo Moniczka

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