Rain rain go away

Rain rain go away

Pink oversized sweater / 2nd One super skinny jeans, $40 / Oasis black jean legging, $45 / Wellington boots / Boots / Burberry black umbrella, $440 / Felix Rey umbrella

Rain rain go away come again another day.
This morning I couldn’t take any pictures because it was
raining.  It was also very windy.  I decided that I would showcase my rainy day
go to’s.  When it rains, you will almost
always see me in rain boots.  If I’m not
at work then I will be wearing leggings with a sweater or jacket, it’s more
comfortable for me.  Rainy days also
deserve a little pop of color.  That’s
why I added the pink sweater to the second outfit.  It just pops and makes a rainy day that much
better.  It’s bad enough that it’s
raining and putting a damper on your day, might as well make it a little better
by giving your outfit a little spunk.  I’m
also going to make a confession.  I love
umbrellas that aren’t plain.  The
umbrella that Mary Poppin’s has with the duck, is my favorite type.  Yes, hers is plain but that duck handle is
the best part!  I feel like people forget
that umbrellas are accessories too.  I have
nothing against plain umbrellas that are all one color, but why not stick out
of the crowd even more?  I actually have
the Burberry umbrella at home, that thing is huge.  I mean huge! 
That first umbrella is just so cute with the heart and the quote “rain
rain go away.”

The picture below shows what I would pair these outfits with
after I walked through all the rain and was ready to switch into the cute side
of the outfit.  I’ve separated it with
numbers, although depending on what you like you could swap the outfits and accessories.  All of the pieces are
pretty versatile which I love.  I’m all
for having one piece in your closet that you can wear more than one way.  I feel like it is important, especially when
it is good quality.  Don’t get me wrong I
love shopping but knowing a piece of clothing, or an accessory has some decent
mileage on it is satisfying for me.  Plus, who doesn’t love a little creativity on how to wear the same sweater differently?    

Rain Rain go away continued

J.Crew sparkle ballet flat / Jessica Simpson platform wedge booties / Lace up oxford / Old Navy pointed toe flat shoes / Chanel handbag / Sperry Top-Sider convertible purse / ALDO necklace / Pieces jewelry, $27

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xoxo Moniczka