Target Challenge Outfit 4: Comfortable in Leopard

Is it really day 4 of this challenge already?  If you are still interested in joining this
challenge tomorrow is the last day to enter! 
Be sure to read all the details in the link at the bottom of this post!

Sweater:  Mossimo {Target} $22.99
Pants:  Mossimo {Target} $24.99
Scarf:  H&M {old}
Shoes:  Escada
Wallet:  Target $14.99
We all know how much I love leopard print.  Apparently there’s a stereotype that every
Jersey Girl owns something in leopard print. 
Well if that’s true, then I fall into that stereotype.  I love love love leopard print and really any
animal print in general.  It gives an
outfit a nice pop, kind of like a bright color makes an outfit stand out.  These pants are almost like parachute pants
minus the sagging in between the leg area. 
They are so comfortable, almost as comfortable as pajamas.  Even though beauty is pain, sometimes it sure
is nice to be comfortable in an outfit. 
The sweater is the same one from outfit number 1.  The shoes are Escada, and you’ll never
believe this but that scarf I’m wearing is from H&M from 5 years ago and I
only paid $5 for it.  How awesome is
that?  Ok, granted it’s a black scarf
with a little sparkle to it so of course it’ll go from season to season, but
still a scarf that can last 5 years and still hasn’t fallen apart gets a five
star rating from me!

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xoxo Moniczka