Target Challenge Outfit 7: Hat Lady

Oh how I love a bright color that just pops.  I really need to wear hats more often.  Hats are great accessories to have to make an outfit much better, and if you’re having a bad hair day hats are the secret weapon!  I was actually having a horrible hair day in this picture so I tied my hair back and put on a hat and my problem was instantly solved.  If you don’t have time to do your hair a hat is perfect too.  Sadly this hat is not from Target, it’s actually from Lord & Taylor.  It’s my mom’s I like to go shopping in her closet every once in a while.

The faux leather leggings are back at it!  I just love these little babies they are comfortable, versatile, and trendy.  Plus they’re black so of course they go with almost everything.  They can be worn day or night and can easily be switched to a night look.  Definitely a huge fan of these!

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