Target Challenge Outfits 8, 9, 10: Flashback


Do those outfits look familiar?  You can find them at Lucky FABB Day 1, Lucky FABB Day 2, and a work outfit.  These are all part of my Target Challenge as well.  See how much I bought at Target?  Insane I know!  First of all I have way too many dresses in my closet, but what’s the difference if I get more, right?  I love dresses because it is easy to transition them from colder weather to warmer weather.  Now you know what I wore to Lucky FABB, that’s right I wore Target.  No one would have ever guessed.  The white dress I wore after Lucky FABB but that dress was definitely a contestant for the Lucky FABB outfit.  I don’t have a great picture of the first dress but it has a horse print on it and a peter pan collar.  Next time I wear it I’ll get a better picture.  Both the leopard print and horse print dress were a hit at Lucky FABB.  I was quite proud to say I got them at Target. 
These dresses have already been worn again so you can tell how much I love them. 
Well this concludes my Target Outfit Challenge I gave myself!  If you missed any of the outfits click below or click the Target Challenge at the bottom of this post!

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