Versatile Blogger Award


Last night I found out that I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by M.E. and The Haute Hunt.  Thank you so much, you literally made my night!  Also, I’ve been sick so my voiceless self attempted to jump for joy!

The rules
Display the award certificate on your blog
Announce your win and thank the blogger who nominated you
Present 15 bloggers with the award
Link your nominees in this post and let them know you’ve nominated them
Post 7 interesting things about yourself
My Nominees:
7 Interesting things about myself:
I’m the first person in my family to be born anywhere but Poland.
My favorite color is pink.
I lived in Texas for a short period of time.
I am a fur mama.
There is no life before coffee.  Call it addiction, I call it routine.
I’m a little country and a little city.
I have a medical condition, but I don’t let it stop me.
Thank you for the nomination and congratulations to the people I nominated!

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