What I wore while being sick.


It’s Day 7 of me being sick.  I just want this to go away already!  That’s why there is such a lack of outfit posts of myself.  I’m not even sure if I’m feeling better because every day one symptom goes away and another appears.  It’s funny how a little tiny virus can do that to a 5’9 body like myself.  Anyway, I wore this to work yesterday.

Shirt:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Scarf:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Pants:  Express {old, Marshalls}
Shoes:  Betsey Johnson {Marshalls}
Bag:  Gucci
Glasses:  Valentino
I’m telling you, I have a problem.  I own so much Ralph Lauren.  I think I need to stop going to Ralph Lauren…maybe after this weekend, or maybe not, nope I take that back I will never stop shopping at Ralph Lauren.  Who am I kidding.
Something super exciting is it’s like a Friday to me today.  It’s the last day of the working week for me.  With that being said I would also like to announce this year is the first year since I started working at 15 that I will NOT being working on Black Friday!  Ever since I could work I have worked in the retail, food, restaurant, or banking industry meaning I never had off on Black Friday.  So for the first time I will not have to wake up early after a food coma and I will not have to stay until 3 or 4 a.m. with crazy crowds and people wanting a good sale.  For the first time I will stay home, wake up at my leisure, eat some more, and sleep some more.  Cheers to working in an office this year!
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6 thoughts on “What I wore while being sick.”

  1. Feel better soon! I was sick last year for two months, it was awful! I love Ralph Lauren too, the pieces are so classic and well made, love this look.

    <3 Vicki

  2. You look great! I rarely like an outfit that involves dress pants…which is sad because they are a necessary part of life on some occasions, but I truly love this dress pants outfit!

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