Whatcha wearin’?


It’s time for the weekly link up of What I wore with The Pleated Poppy and Random Wednesday with Because Shanna Said So.  So here’s a lovely outfit.

Top:  Ralph Lauren {click here}
Jeans:  Ralph Lauren {Mommy’s Closet}
Boots:  Marshalls
Extremely casual outfit.  I wore this the other day while running errands.  This top is perfect, Ralph Lauren really does an amazing job with their clothing.  The jeans are also Ralph Lauren and they are my favorite.  There are only two brands of jeans that fit me, Ralph Lauren and Levi’s.  
So some random things in the Life of Monica.  Well, I have a new favorite song that I just heard today.  I’m not sure why I JUST heard it today but it’s Stay by Florida Georgia Line.  I absolutely love it.  I’m not in that situation in my love life but I just really like the song.  
We had our first snowfall here in NJ yesterday.  See I would be happy if I could still snowboard because all of my friends can’t wait for snowboarding season but with my knee I don’t think I can.  Although, I might try this year.  
I also decided that my blog will be dedicated to someone who changed my life.  He completely changed my life and believed in me like no one else so therefore this blog is in his honor even though he’s not into fashion.  This one’s for you kiddo!  Now I just have to think of a good name
pleated poppy


xoxo Moniczka

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