Christmas Eve


For those of you who don’t know I’m Polish.  My nationality is 100% Polish but I’m the first one in my entire family to be born in America.  So, with that being said I’m a little bit of both.  When you step into my parents home it’s like stepping into a Polish paradise.  During the holidays we mostly celebrate on Christmas Eve.  Let me show you some pictures of the family.

I told my parents that this should be our family Christmas Card next year.

Remember all of the DIY projects I worked on before Christmas?  Well we used them as decor for Christmas Eve dinner.

It’s tradition to not eat any meat on Christmas Eve.  We eat a late dinner which prior to we share something that’s similar to communion.  We wish each other health, happiness, and success most of the time.  We even share with the dogs, yes we are that intense haha.  The dinner is filled with pierogi (in the Polish language the word pierogi is already plural so saying pierogies is just weird for me), fish specifically salmon and flounder for our family, breads, and lots of pickled foods and salads.  The first meal is beet soup.  This is the red one that’s super spicy and it has little pasta with mushrooms in it.  I don’t like mushrooms but I will eat those pasta noodles because they are delicious.

My brother made flounder rolled up and stuffed with spinach and cheese.  It was delicious!  It’s the first time he ever made it.

After dinner we open the presents under the tree.  This year I had some money saved up for Christmas so I bought some fun presents for everyone.  I gave my dad a kindle, for my mom I gave her gnomes, Chanel lipstick, that box I posted about a few days ago two ornaments of the dogs, my brother requested a record player for Christmas and that’s what he is now playing music off of.  So technically we are supposed to go to midnight mass, but we all went into a food coma and decided we would go Christmas morning.

Then there were my presents.  I got my first real wallet, three Ralph Lauren tops, and a Hello Kitty phone case.  On top of that I was devouring the macaroons that Santa brought me.

Fellow blogger Alexandra hosted the lovely Blogger Secret Santa.  I received this awesome lip gloss and blush palette from Sharon.  I am so happy that this was hosted, it was awesome!

Lilly was the first one to start the food coma.

Now let’s talk about my outfit for this lovely night.

Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Dress:  Adrianna Papell {Nordstrom}
Necklaces:  Capwell & Co., and Macy’s
Flats:  Sam Edelman {Saks, old}

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