Company Dinner 2013


So on Friday, December 13, 2013 I attended my first company holiday dinner.  Well, not first one, but the first one with my job.  I work for a Taiwanese petrochemical company and the culture is obviously Asian influenced.  I love this job and the people I work with as well.  I was truly blessed when I got that phone call with the job offer.  This Tuesday on December 17th it will be my one year anniversary.  I cannot wait to celebrate!  Also, I won a prize last night!  I won a $200 Simon Gift Card.  How awesome is that?  Everyone kept saying that it was because I was wearing a red dress.  Let’s move on to some pictures, ok?

I had to make a Miley face while I was getting ready.  We literally only had an hour to get ready from our work clothes, and one of the girls had to shower.  I’d say we used that hour wisely.
See I can clean up nice!
You know I ALWAYS have to have a selfie!



I loved this dinner.  Everyone looked great and beautiful.  We all had fun dancing out on the dance floor with our managers and V.P.’s.  Everyone just let lose and had a good time.  I cannot say this enough, but I am truly blessed with this job, coworkers, and friends.  Happy Holidays everyone!

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