DIY Christmas Mason Jar


This week I have a Christmas special going on.  Most of my posts will be tutorials for DIY Christmas decor.  The first one will be a DIY Mason Jar.  Most of my supplies are from Michael’s or a few things are from Costco and my mom’s crafting closet.  My mom used to make a lot of arts and crafts so I guess you can say I get it from my mama!

All surface paint found at Michael’s.

Paintbrushes from Michael’s.

I love Mason Jars, I just can’t help it.

You have to paint a couple of coats of paint on the jar.  It’s just like when you paint your nails, you paint a coat, let it dry, and repeat.

This ribbon is from Costco.  It’s the ribbon with the wire in it which I love because you can easily make it take any shape.

This I found in my mom’s room.  I can’t remember if she used it for a Christmas tree in the past or for something else.  I decided to put it around the jar.  I decided to sew it instead of tying it because it looks neater and it’s longer.  

From Michael’s.

Also from Michael’s.

Then just glue the berries on with a hot glue gun.

And voila you are done.  In total this took me about two-three days.  The most amount of time was spent on painting the jar and letting it dry.  I’m sure it’s easier to spray paint it, but I wanted it to last longer so I painted it.  Stay tuned for more DIY tutorials this week leading up to Christmas!

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  1. What a great idea!! Thank you for sharing…I will be keeping this in my back pocket. How cute would this be as a dining room table centerpiece with a candle inside. THANK YOU!

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