DIY Christmas Ornaments Part 2


It’s Day 3 of my Christmas Special.  If you didn’t see Day 1 and Day 2 click on the links!

Since yesterday’s post was about one type of ornament I decided that today’s will be about another type of ornament.  These ornaments have been made by my mom for the past possibly 10 years (if not more oh my gosh that makes me feel old).  Well a few years ago she taught me the ropes about these ornaments.  I prefer these over the ones that I posted yesterday, but that’s just me.

Make sure you cut the netting into a square shape and big enough to cover the ornament.

Then you just take a strong enough thread to tie it at the top.  It doesn’t matter how big the fabric on the top of ornament is because you can always cut it.

This is when it’s time to get creative.  All of my ornaments are different.  All of my supplies are from Michael’s and my mom’s crafting closet.  The hot glue gun is my best friend for this project.  Although, at the same time the hot glue gun is also my worst enemy.  Ouch, burnt myself pretty bad.  So just be careful!

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