DIY Christmas Vase

I am almost done with my Christmas DIY special.  Only one more DIY project after this one.  For this post I will show how to make a Christmas Vase.  This is really easy, but the vase needs time to dry.  So here goes!

This vase is an old one that I brought back with me from Texas.  It’s from Walmart.

You will have to paint a few coats in order to get the really rich gold color.

You can paint whatever you’d like, but I chose a Christmas tree because it’s the easiest for me.

I made the Christmas tree trunk color by mixing black with gold.  I didn’t have brown so I figured I could mix it and it will be kind of brown.

Place some branches into the vase, whether it be real or artificial.  These are artificial.

Take two types of ribbon and tie it into a bow.