DIY Mini Christmas Tree


Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.  Well I brought in a lovely Christmas tree to
work the other day.  I made all of the
ornaments myself from the previous post. 
Last year after Christmas Michael’s had these amazing sales and I bought
this tree for 99 cents.  That’s
insane!  Well needless to say from
sitting in the cold for so long the tree actually came out of the bottom and I
had to re-glue it in again.  After I did
that I realized I glued it in crooked.  I
tried bending it different ways to see if it would stick up straight and it
just looked funny.  Then I had this
brilliant idea **ding ding light bulb**. 
Why don’t I just put it in a pot from an old plant or something?  Now this lovely 99 cent crooked tree has the
perfect place to stand up straight.

Now that the tree was
standing on its own I was able to finally start decorating.  I originally wanted an all pink tree but didn’t
have pink ornaments so I decided to make pink bows.  I made pink bows out of ribbon that I bought
at Costco and then hot glue gunned them onto the branches.
After that just take pink wire ribbon and make a huge bow
for the top of the tree instead of a star or an angel or whatever else it is
that you put on top of your tree.

Add a string of beads and some of the ornaments that are
from the previous DIY post and voila! 
You have your very own Christmas tree!

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