DIY Spray Paint Center Pieces


I think this was the second easiest project next to the
Mason Jar.  I love spray painting because
it’s so easy but since it was cold in my garage it took quite some time to dry,
so it took a few days unfortunately.  The
big bottle is actually an old beer bottle and the little bottles are from this
Vitamin C drink one of my friends gave me when I was sick.

I can’t stress this enough but be careful
when using spray paint.  My dad only
allowed me to spray 2 bottles at a time since I was in an enclosed space (my
garage) and he made me wear a face mask.

First place the bottle in a box so you don’t get the paint
all over the place.  Once it is dry spray
paint the bottom as well.

The bows I used are wire bows from Cotsco and Sam’s
Club.  Just tie a bow twice in order to
get the fuller look.  I will be adding
some more things to the actual bottles itself probably a pine tree branch or
something but add whatever you like, or it looks pretty interesting with
nothing in them as well.
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