Icy Wonderland


Today I woke up to a lot of ice.  I went to go take Lilly for a walk and I slid across the driveway, but somehow I didn’t fall down.  There will be no outfit post today but I want to show some pictures.

Hat:  Betsey Johnson {old}
Scarf:  Gift from Grandma in Poland

I love houndstooth!  Especially in the winter time.

It was so lovely having to take ice off my car then drive up this driveway.

All of that is ice.

My first pair of skates since I was young.

Also, my first North Face is hot pink!
xoxo Moniczka

4 thoughts on “Icy Wonderland”

  1. You're so cute, Monica! I love the scarf and skirt. I especially LOVE the hot pink North Face. Great color choice! I have a hot pink leather jacket and I'm wishing for one more crisp Fall day so I can wear it one more time!

    The Closet by Christie


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