Reflecting back on 2013

Even though in yesterday’s post I talked a little bit about
my take on New Year’s resolutions and how I haven’t had one in the past few
years.  If you didn’t read it, long story
short is they just don’t work for me.  I
make one, but I never stick to it.  I
give major props to the people who stick to their resolutions.  Instead of having a resolution I reflect on
the past year. 
One major thing I don’t do is think “what could I have done
differently?”  My opinion is that
everything in my life happens for a reason. 
No matter how many hardships I had to go through, I know it’s not just
for kicks.  I went through all of the
good and bad things in my life to be the person I am today.  Who I am today is NOT who I was a year
ago.  I did not view life the same, and I
for sure was not a positive person.  I
always had some negativity following me. 
It took a major change in my life to realize I’ve been so stupid (for
lack of a better word).  If you’ve been
following my blog, you’ve read all of the million (ok, a million is pushing it)
times I’ve mentioned my friend Dan.  He
changed my life even in death.  I can
never thank him enough for how he opened my eyes.  This past year was an ongoing goal to change
my life.  Not to change it with my job,
or even starting this blog, or losing weight, just to change my outlook.  Change my negative thoughts to positive.  Misery loves company right?  Why waste precious time?
My reflection of this past year is a good one.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  A little over a year ago I landed my dream
job.  In the past year I’ve started
blogging again, I’ve made new friends who haven’t let me down, and I’ve
experienced so much.  With 2014 less than
24 hours away I’d like to say something to everyone, if anyone is reading
this.  Enjoy life because life is
short.  Is that argument really worth
being THAT upset over?  Is your life
really THAT tough compared to others? 
Why are you frowning when it takes fewer muscles in your face to
smile?  Those are the questions I ask
myself.  Ever since I started trying to
see the positive in everything my life has been positive.  Don’t get me wrong there were times where I
cried my eyes out or times where I thought how can this be possibly happen, but
I didn’t give up and I kept going.
Life is kind of like ice skating.  Please don’t get upset with my ice skating
stories, I’ve just been doing it a lot lately so it’s always in my head.  You will fall when you skate.  Even the best skaters fall, but they don’t
stay down unless they’re severely hurt. 
They get right back up and keep skating. 
I’ve already fallen a few times during ice skating and my last fall was
actually pretty painful but I got right back up and didn’t give up.  I was learning how to do something on my
skates and I fell, it’s normal.
I guess what I’m trying to say is Hakuna Matata.
Now if you read all of that, here are some of my favorite
outfits and pictures of 2013.  I’ll try to
keep this to a minimum.

Favorite picture of 2013.  I went to a sunflower farm during the summer and loved every second of it.

I entered into a contest on Lookbook (click here to see my looks).  Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I did get a lovely picture out of it.

These boots have been through H E double hockey sticks and back with me.  They are one of my souvenirs from Texas.  So many memories with these babies.

This was a “Pick your own” flower farm by my home.

Perfect angle.  Just as an FYI I was on the back of a bike when I took this, yea I have skills! Haha.

Best Birthday Ever!

My first blogger meetup that I organized!

My first Lucky FABB.

Dan, I wish you were here to celebrate another new year but you’re not.  I know you’re not here anymore physically but I know you’re here in spirit.  I know you come to visit me every once in a while to tell me everything will be ok and to just smile.  I can never repay you for how you have changed my life.  I’ll see you when it’s my time.

Happy New Year everyone! 
May all your wishes, dreams, goals, and resolutions come true.  May y’all experience love, happiness, and
success in this next year!

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