Shopping in mom’s closet.

Every once in a while I go shopping in my mom’s closet.  Over the years I’ve taken quite a lot from
her closet, especially if she can’t fit into stuff anymore she will see if I
can.  She’s a few inches shorter than me
but we can still wear the same clothes. 
Well the dress I am wearing is hers. 
She hasn’t worn it in a few years and she actually gave it to me when I left
for Texas and I never wore it.  It’s been
sitting in her closet and I decided to test it out.  I’ve paired it with leggings and some lace up
boots.  I can’t wear this with tights
because I’m really tall and all leg (so almost everything looks short on me) so
the dress is a little short and tights would show a little too much. 

Dress:  Mom’s Closet,
Leggings:  Mom’s
Boots:  Cole Haan
Klustershop and DIY/Homemade
Bags:  Gucci {here}

I also wanted to say, the DIY projects I said I was starting yesterday have to be amazing.  Michael’s Store tweeted me today saying they want to see the final products!!  How cool is that?  My creative juices must flow at 100 MPH!!!

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xoxo Moniczka

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  1. Cute look, Monica! Wow, that's awesome that Michael's tweeted you. I love the power of social media! Can't wait to see the finished piece, too! I live in Michael's.. I'm a closet crafter 🙂

    Christie 'xo
    The Closet by Christie

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