Święty Mikołaj, a tradition.

Hello everyone!  If
you follow me on the gram aka Instagram you already know about my new jewelry I
was surprised with yesterday.  Święty
Mikołaj came to visit me yesterday.  The
literal translation for this is Holy Mikołaj aka Saint Nick.  This is actually not just a Polish tradition
but I will tell you exactly what it is from a Polish point of view.  What you are supposed to do is leave your
shoes outside for Saint Nick to bring you something.  Back in the day it was a candy cane or a
little bit of chocolate.  I’m not sure if
everyone does this but I know my mom has gone overboard with this little mini
holiday.  The way we do it in my
household is we leave our slippers next to the bed and Saint Nick leaves the present
on my slippers.  Every year I get more
than just candy and this year I actually got two necklaces and a bracelet.  I am absolutely in love with them because
they are such statement pieces alone and you can pair them together as well. 

Let’s talk about the outfit I wore all of this awesome
jewelry with!  The dress is old, it was originally my mom’s and I am
absolutely in love with it.  The jacket
is also a hand me down from my mom.

Dress:  French Connection {Mom’s closet}
Jacket:  Alfani  {Mom’s closet}
Shoes:  Restricted
Jewelry:  Lord &
Taylor {gift}

I am absolutely in love with all of my new jewelry.  They are big, bulky and so beautiful.  Plus, they are in my favorite color scheme.
xoxo Moniczka