Back that azz up Friday


Well it’s feel good Friday.  I wanted to share two blogs I was featured in again, yay!

Both of the blogs I was featured in are so totally worth it!  Ask Away is owned by a friend of mine, her name is Ellen.  I met her at Lucky FABB and we both realized how alike we are and we literally hit it off after our first conversation.  She likes cars, I like cars, we both wear extensions, and we’re fur mamas.  Fur mamas unite!!!!  Only difference is she has four fur babies and I only have two haha.  Dancing With Ashley is run by Ashley who is an absolute sweetheart.  I contacted her a months ago asking if she could help me out with a blogger meetup because I saw that she hosted some.  She helped me get in contact with a fellow Jersey girl blogger and I’ve been featured in her fall and winter fashion series already.  
Now on to my favorite part of Friday posts.  #backthatazzup
I wore yoga pants to work is another awesome blog that has this link up every Friday.  You pick your song to get you started for the weekend.  Well here’s my song.  By the way this is pretty rated R so if you don’t want to hear rated R material do not click the play button.
For some reason Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj have been on repeat ever since I first heard this song (over a month ago).  I don’t know what it is but it just gets me pumped.  I literally will turn it on and break out into my awesome dance moves.  You know which ones I’m talking about.  The ones where you look so ridiculous that when you catch yourself in the mirror you laugh at yourself.  I know how to dance don’t get me wrong but sometimes when you look like a total goofball and you can laugh at yourself it’s the best therapy.  A lot of changes have been going on in life lately and I’m feeling overwhelmed but it’s those little moments in life where I act like a total idiot and just let go that keep me going with my positive attitude.  I know last week I was uber depressing, trust me I’m not too happy that I even posted that but this week I’m deciding that I’m going to push through.  As much as I want to sit down and be a lump I’m going to be happy.  You want to know why?  I damn well deserve it!  Yes I cussed, and I know I normally don’t but I just wanted to emphasize that statement A LOT.

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