Business Trip Day 1: Chicago/Indiana


Last week I was away on business as some of you know.  If you follow me on Instagram (@monisia87) you’ve already seen most of the pictures from my trip.  The first day was pretty much just spent traveling.  We landed in Chicago (we meaning my Sales/Coworker and I) and met with customers.  We were only in Chicago for a short period of time.  After our meetings we were off to Indiana to meet customers the next day.  

Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Top:  Ralph Lauren {here
This was my business attire the first day.  I wore these super comfortable pants for the plane because we all know how uncomfortable planes are.  The cardigan was also because I needed to be comfortable in those crazy busy airports.  Also, the outfits had to be selfie shots because I had no one to take pictures of me.  I would feel awkward asking random people haha!

Can we just talk about how this hallway (which I was already halfway down when I took this) looks like it’s straight from a horror movie.  I ended up hearing some strange noises and got scared so I ran down that hallway pretty quick.  Don’t judge.

My first time at Bonefish Grill and I must say I was very impressed.  This place had delicious food and I was so full.  

Since I felt like I ate a bunch of food, I went for a run.  I also walked for a little bit because of my knee.  I can’t believe I ran this much.  Well that’s all for Day 1.  Stay tuned for the other two days!

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    1. I felt so proud haha. I didn't bring my knee brace with me but I think I'm not allowed to run on uneven pavement because surprisingly I wasn't in too much pain without the brace.

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